The Second Civil War has lasted for fourteen years.  The fighting has drug to a stalemate as both sides try and find resources and allies.  Lumbering automatons toil day and night in the fields of the South, while in the North, the United States makes peace with old adversaries.   All the while people move into the uncharted Western Regions, seeking fame, fortune, and a new life in the Badlands away from famine and open war.

           Across the vast expanses of the Badlands, airships and land trains fiercely compete for commerce of all types to survive in a World turned upon its head.  Where humanity finds that it is no longer at the top of the food chain, and men of science and men of action form unsteady allies to carve a place in a dark new world.  And at the very center, unlikely heroes step forward from the shadows, armed against the nightmares.


It was a different reason for each of them; a chance to start over again, right the wrongs, change their path, or just plain hide.  For all of them it became a journey that they would never forget...

We are located in Las Cruces, New Mexico one of the last Frontiers of the West!  If you happen to get out our way let us know!




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